Black & White Sage

Black & White Sage

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White sage and black sage together are the best herbs to meditate. These two types of sage can take you to another world. Perfect if you want to unwind, think and purify your environment. 

Both black and white sage have their origin in America. They both smell penetrating and spicy, yet they differ slightly. That's why they complement each other well. Both types have a cleaning effect. In addition, both black and white sage provide a relaxed mind so that you can meditate well.

Sage is a true classic among the smudging herbs.

How do you use black and white sage?

Smudging is very simple, but can help if you are not feeling well. All you need is a match or lighter, a fireproof dish and of course the sage.

Put some sage on the dish and light it. Wait until the herbs burn superficially and blow out the flame. The sage will then smoulder and smoke. With the help of the herbs you can:

Purify your home from negativity
Expel unwanted odours
Repelling insects
Enjoy the spicy scent
The initiation of a new home
Exactly how and why you perform your smudging ritual is entirely up to you.